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:)…just do not assume about it way too substantially
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Ahhh! This kind of a gorgeous day
The sun’s shining in a gorgeous way
gonna get a shower, brush my tooth and
Everyday living is finally meaningless
….Uhh (cough)…

but I am going to get out of the household
Get on the highway, best down, palms out
Set on my most loved tune and nod to the rhythm
The planet’s becoming ruined by your carbon emissions

But I- I- , I’ll head to course
try out my best on each and every check til I go
and my grades are screaming in my facial area – Ayyyy
98 % of what you discover is a squander.

I get to cling out with all my buddies
My buddies are the friendliest buddies
Can not assume of a superior way to expend my time
Your brain is flawed and all your buddies will die

I’m alive in the finest nation!
So proud of- the exploitation of natives
This graceful chook indicates freedom for all
Inform that to the slaves and bald eagles are not bald

I can are living in the instant, milk each and every next
at any time you could get clinical depression
But I am going to just be pleased, no subject what is in retailer
it is rather genetic and we have no get rid of
uhh- at the very least

(Refrain )
We are young
not for very long
Everyday living is fun
It only goes downhill
We gotta make the most of it, Make the most of it
or you’ll regret it
We are young
For now
Everyday living is fun
for some men and women
We gotta make the most of it, Make the most of it
Good luck

Woo! I received a manufacturer new occupation nowadays!
Doin stuff that’ll support the economic system
I am going to help you save dollars and acquire factors at the retailer
Banks can crash and capitalism is flawed

And it is all simply because of my really hard function
And the thousand pros you lucked into at start
I put a lotta effort in my resume!
Good factor you do not have a black person’s title

I’m proud to be a performing member of modern society
Finally, I can be the citizen I dream to be
portion of the neighborhood, add with my tax
What could maybe cease me?
The shrinking middle course

I’ve at the very least received a awesome secure occupation
Until finally it is outsourced to china or changed by a robotic
OH GOD- Nicely then I could unwind a little bit
You will be vacant with almost nothing to distract from it

But guy I’m a passionate graduate
I can be distinctive and I have a profession paths to pick from
I could be a rapper or an animator if I’m fortunate
Neither of individuals will make you pleased, rely on me

I’m able to choose what I pursue
You are a slave to men and women born richer than you
Then screw it, I am going to continue to keep heading in
then I am going to occasion on the weekend and sing

Many thanks to autotune

(Refrain )

Everyday living is a surprise
You are going to under no circumstances know the solution

Nature is a miracle
Purely natural disasters

It is very good to be alive
You could wake up with most cancers

But I’m nutritious
Healthful men and women still get most cancers

I like this display
It is the past episode

The solar is shining
It is heading to explode

Each species is gorgeous and exceptional while
Small children have malaria many thanks to mosquitoes

I satisfied a adorable female with a ponytail
Statistically that partnership is heading to fail

I have a great loved ones, it is like no other
You are not special and just one day you’ll bury your mother

No subject what I can come across a household!
We. Will. All. Die. By itself.

There’s wonderful opportunity in each and every human on earth
There’s no escaping the heat loss of life of the universe

I do not have to are living life dependent on damaging elements
No subject how negative they are, they are just thoughts

Yeah that is fair
wait around genuinely?
yeah that seems realistic
wait around-wait around-wait around-wait around but you were being just telling me
whatever guy, I dunno, are living your life how you want,
I’m not forcing you to do nearly anything, I’m just expressing.
Oh…Nicely in that situation…

(Refrain )


  1. It was good but It was wierd

  2. 2:11 10/10 singing

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  4. YOU WILL FEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good job James 👏

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  10. We are young UNTIL WE DIE we'll make the most of it YOU WILL STILL DIE

  11. it was good but it was wierd

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  23. Good but that guy that says life is fun his face is cute it reminds me of derp if you don't now how der p go to black plasma videos and you'll see how him


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