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Essential Canine Schooling Suggestions : How to Educate a Canine to Occur When Lying Down

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Discover how to teach your pet dog to come to you when they are lying down in this totally free video.

Professional: Jim Leske
Bio: My title is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Coach.
Filmmaker: Louis Nathan


  1. you are very good at training i have adog your awsome

  2. @pywlwywry It's not a stupid dog. It's a stupid human! Dog respond at his really wrong bodylanguage (holding eye contact and stuff). Don't blame the dog for his owner.

  3. Where did they get this "expert"??? This is a joke.

  4. This "Trainer" is using all the wrong tekniks to do what he's "trying" to do.. ( Train the dog the dog to come on comande) The dog is cofused.. That's why its getting up, becuse the dog doesn't now what's exspected from him..( sorry for my bad engelish)

  5. i think its better to teach your dog to learn how to do a down, when coming.
    not to teach your STUPID dog to do come, when doing a down.
    if your dog is well trained, NOT LIKE YOUR STUPID DOG, it should come anytime.
    not that u have to train it to come, when its sitting, or doing a down.


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