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Educating Your Dog to Sit At Side

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Finding your dog to sit at aspect is an essential exercise for encouraging them to greet adequately in general public, wait at doorway, and far more.

Just about every particular person and their dog have a exclusive relationship amongst every other. My hope is that I can aid you explore the path to lifetime with your dog! On Fridays Doggie Dojo will have dog instruction material that will aid you emphasis on your aims with your dog, unite in knowledge one particular a further, and nourish your relationship to larger lifetime together. Every single online video will have entertaining and inspiring material to aid you train your dog. I also hope to obtain out far more about you and your dog as the Doggie Dojo neighborhood grows to aid us all have an remarkable lifetime with our canine companions.

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  1. Yes, I have neglected this part of our training as I am so used to working with them facing me. Need to spend more time working to the side. Thanks for the reminder 🙂


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