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Early retrieve education for gundog pups

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Starting off retrieve education with your gundog pet.


  1. George, greetings from Canada. I've enjoyed your puppy videos, some very good information and tips there. I'm currently training my 5 month old Welsh springer, which is also my first Welshie after having two English springers and a cocker. Like the little cocker Rocky in an earlier video you made, my Bryn is still very much a puppy. He's willing to please and is a fast learner, but regresses back at times to where I even wonder if I had ever trained him at all? I'm trying to use very little to no pressure with him for basic obedience and realize that his training will be an exercise in persistence and time until he matures. He retrieves well, but at this stage it's all about having fun while we are at it. I find turning and walking away if he won't come right back within a reasonable time to be effective in encouraging that he completes the retrieve.

  2. Hi from Spain. Gongratulations for all your videos as they allow all of us whom enjoy with Springer Spaniels to learn how to get the best from them as gundogs. Do you have any way to contact you personally (Instagram, facebook…) ?

  3. Absolutely fantastic. The dog works, plays, and is exercised at the same time. It seems easy and fun, seeing as training snowy. Greetings from Galicia, NW of Spain.

  4. I've a pup full of energy and after the retrieve, she would come up to me rolling on to her back before going on her side pushing her paws again me to move around me. My question is how do I stop her from doing this?

  5. Beautiful surroundings and an energetic young dog enjoying the exercise. Brings back memories! I found that with my two that using balls and rope caused them to hesitate occasionally and play with the retrieve. I resorted to only the dummy and used various sizes as they grew from puppy to adult. The Springer is an excellent natural retriever but as I have seen with some trainers, it was over done. Great videos. Thanks.


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