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Early Obedience Training W/”Jet” five Mo Doberman Puppy dog BAB Participant

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Fun early schooling and progress of a private security pet dog commences with fantastic obedience and eager perspective. Jet has all of this in spades. He seriously desires to you should and has the perspective that is so common in the most effective of operating Doberman bloodlines. Contact us at Defense Doggy Gross sales if you want to know what it normally takes to personal a pet dog like Jet.


  1. i have a 1 year old Doberman his name is speedy praety fast

  2. I have a 9 week old Doberman puppy, when should I start training and any tips?

  3. Niсee

  4. We purchased Jet from David and we are very pleased with his progress.
    David was highly recommended to us and we can't wait to bring Jet home.
    Also, we really enjoy the videos of Jet. Might change his name to "Rock Star".
    Not really. Thanks guys and keep up the good work. Sam & Maria Newnam


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