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Oh my goodness! If you are gonna get two puppies at the very same time or even a single! Just be organized…..

My spouse and I resolved to get not a single, but TWO catahoula leopard puppies. If you know the breed, you may know we are Excess mad. But that’s how we like it. Click on “subscribe” to comply with me on my journey of training the the two of the them simultaneously, which is Excess NOT recommended by pet training experts. *disclaimer* I am by no usually means a qualified. Lol. I portray The fantastic. The terrible. The hideous. If you know another person wanting to get two puppies at the very same time…make sure you refer them in this article. #sharingiscaring!!!! I hope I can lose some light-weight on what we are obtaining into 1st hand!!!! Make sure you electronic mail me or comment with concerns! I really like obtaining to know my followers! Also, experience free to comply with me Facebook or Instagram.

I’m really significantly into conditioning and health so I’ll be vlogging about that as very well. A balanced human usually means a balanced dog!



  1. Hi!! My fiance and I recently brought home 2 new puppies. Brother and sister. I've done my share of researching, and it's horrific. I'm very optimistic, and am on board with making sure my babies are well trained and establish themselves seperate and together. I seperate them for everything, except eating. Though they have seperate food and water bowls. My question, does it really help to feed them seperately also? They each have their own seperate crate, so I wasn't sure. I usually just sit with them and make sure they stay in they're own bowl. No issues have come up yet, but my Stella girl doesn't each as much as my chubby Syrus. If I do feed seperately, does it help to do it at different times so you don't have 2 puppies needing to poo at the same time and only one of you?? haha

  2. Can you share your puppy schedule to help give me an idea of how I can start mine.  Please & thankyou  🙂


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