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The only time and way to test a dog on where he is at in his training and devoid of any training aids on the dog, is by coming into dog competitions. I come to feel they are the correct test of a dog.

“No training aids” essentially usually means that the dog is undertaking devoid of any leashes, choke chains, electronic collars, clickers, or training collars of any kind. The dog is essentially doing work just by voice commands, or in this situation by voice and whistle.

Dog training competitions can be a lot of pleasurable and a great place to meet up with like minded people!

In this video, me and my 18 thirty day period aged black labrador retriever “Finn” are out on the level of competition discipline for the extremely very first time. This is the water part of an HRC commenced test. I have no devices on the dog in the course of this test. Dog training is pleasurable and there are a variety of techniques that you can get out there with your dog. Give it a shot!


  1. Correct! I just adjusted it in description. Never did it before so had them mixed up. Thanks Dave!!!

  2. Looks like a HRC started test in Ukc and Akc test is called Junior test

  3. Nice job

  4. Beautifully done! I have to agree, it's great to test how far they are without anything on them. 🙂


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