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How to Do it yourself hack for doggy swimming pool? No, just a bucket and some very hot h2o ) It is very hot period below in Northern Thailand. I was very hot, the pet dogs had been very hot. Assumed they would like to great off. Fall short! My pet dogs are sweet, that should be enough.

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  1. I like your video's very much. Lots of burrs here in the midwest during warm mos. Could you find anyone to help you cut down the burs, if you pull plant out by roots it should not come back. Also I have cotton/wool diapers which only require a maxi pad to hold pee or poo for animals with disabilities, they have a hole for the tail and can easily be taken on or off because they fasten with velcro. I could send them with instructions foc if you could use them. I believe I have two , but may have three. Because of the velcro , they are adjustable. Thank you for taking care of the dogs. I will try to find a PO Box on your website, if not please leave it below if you would like the diapers. Have a nice day.

  2. lollllllllllll love ya!!!

  3. You love us but you never answer our question or mails.

  4. You make me laugh Steph 😂


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