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You are supposed to socialize your doggy to countless numbers of men and women, locations and matters but no 1 tells you where by not to go. Listed here are two locations I never ever advocate having a company doggy in coaching


  1. Most of my dogs have been working quail retrievers. So they are pointing, marking, and retrieving with the sound of intermittent shotgun. They loved the hunt so much none were ever startled much by gunfire. But I did ease them into that. My dog now (pup) is a Standard Poodle. I'm hoping I can train him to be a diabetes alert dog. My DexCom ceases working on a Phoenix summer day…. not even a REAL hot one. My gear malfunctioned and a D.a.d. told me I was low 28 minutes ahead of my Dex… Thats when I thought a dog would make a great backup system. .. as I am hypo unaware sometimes.

  2. You are right and Animal Shelter get a lot of dogs because of fireworks going off.


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