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December with Epic the Border Collie

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Epic is a feminine Border Collie getting properly trained in Allergen detection and feasible assistance doggy perform. She is primarily a sporting activities prospect although. She was picked by two assistance doggy trainers to be the best pup for me. I’m tremendous psyched to see how matters go and exactly where the highway prospects us♡
You can comply with her particularly at @makelife_epic on instagram.
*disclaimer Hazel is correctly wonderful, protected and heslthy and will keep on to be my key SD*

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Flipagram: @servicedog.

If you want to know exactly where Hazel was properly trained and exactly where Epi will master scent perform:

Systems web-site:

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  1. I want a allergen service dog but I just dont have the money. Can I train my own allergen service dog?

  2. That's a Super Duper 🐕

  3. Just a tip, deliver your treat directly to your pups mouth before they can reach for it. Even aim further into their mouth than you would actually like to be so they have to move their head back to get comfortable. That way they don't graze your hand with their teeth getting a treat.


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