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Deaf Pet dogs Rock demonstrates Observe Me instruction using a visual marker

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Deaf canine Observe Me Training using a visual marker on the deaf canine when the canine can make the proper choice (in area of the audio of a clicker for beneficial reinforcement instruction). Demonstrated by Christina Lee of


  1. I haven't watched your video yet but I have to vent to someone. I have no family and I am single so that leaves me with getting help on Youtube. . I have a Cocker Spaniel that was a service dog to help me with my medical issues and now he has them. Trooper is my 10 year old dogs name, and he is now deaf because of his constant ear infections. He has Otitis Externa and something else that for a year and a half he has been trying to fight off. Now it's his second ear canal that the vets have had to remove. I'm extremely broken hearted and he know longer can help me. Trooper and I are now disabled. I hope that I can watch something that will make me understand that it's okay to have a deaf dog. To be able to cope with a deaf dog. Now I wonder if I need another dog to help him and me. My constant praying wasn't answered for some reason, I just don't understand.I did everything that the vet asked me to do for a year and a half and still Trooper has to become deaf.

  2. Thank you for the video, we do the "thumbs up" sign, but didn't know about the "watch me" sign. So we will start adding that. 💗


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