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Pet Suggestions 4- Crate Teaching – Clicker Doggy Teaching

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  1. You gotta check this out, Whenever i had friends over my dog just would not stop barking the whole time people were in my house!! Reaching the end of my teather i looked online and found onlinedogtraining.us – their online traning program really helped my situation, and now i can have a drink with my friends in peace!!. Made my life so much easier

  2. so cute and thanks for the help

  3. What if your dog is scared of closed places?

  4. @ClickerPetsMore Okay Thanks!(:
    helped alot!

  5. Thanks again Emily…

  6. @HighFlyinWoJo Oh, and if you are using treats as a reward, it is best to do the training session a few hours after your dog has a meal. Hope this helps. 🙂

  7. @HighFlyinWoJo When teaching a new trick, 3-6 minutes. It's best to keep training sessions short. You can do training sessions within a few hours of each other.

  8. HEy question for anyonee,

    I have a 2 yr old border collie, and what is the estimated amount of time you guys spend on working on per say, one trick in a session? Or how long are your training sessions for a trick and how often a day? answer please! lol

  9. one of the first thing I trained my puppy


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