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Clear Lake Sled Dog Races 5 Dog Class 2012 – Siberian Husky Mush M.U.S.H. Dog Sledding

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Over the weekend we went to Clear Lake State Park in Atlanta Michigan to watch the M.U.S.H. Sled Dog races


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  1. Too bad we don’t have any thing like this in Brisbane Australia:(

  2. I couldn't quite tell what breed of dogs the short-haired, black, lanky dogs on line 20 (at times 10:20 and 11:20) were AWESOME!  I've seen dogs like them on bikejoring teams around here.  They don't look like pulling dogs, but they're crazy good at what they do.

  3. So cool.  xD

  4. on paper at least, not much experience with huskies 🙁 plenty with other breeds though!! i train and raise dogs, mostly german shepherds 🙂 <3

  5. ok so i assume they say thank you after passing for not talking and distracting the dogs? also is this done in most states with snow? and how could someone get into this? are there kennels that they could work at? or breeders who sled that are looking for helpers? it's a huge goal of mine to work with siberians and malamutes and specifically the sledding industry! i'm studying a post grad in animal science so i've got my qualifications

  6. Great Video.. woo woo woo <3 LOVE Dogs, Going to Alaska , I am gonna be working with Jeff King 4 time Iditarod Champ.. in Denali, Alaska.. I am taking Kojak with me .. can you say we will share our Experience with you.. You all are Pawsome <3

  7. Happiest dogs ever 🙂 Awesome footage, thanks for sharing!

  8. Great that you capture all the teams.
    Nice photos & video with the gopro.

  9. @GoneToTheSnowDogs Yes, very true, and I've got a question, have you ever been to any Minnesota races? The Beargrease race is a super fun one, but it is pretty long…But again, SUPER FUN!

  10. Dogs and men, best thing alive.

  11. I love this video! But I wish some of the mushers would be a little kinder when telling their dogs to get moving. I'm a musher and I see some people screaming at their dogs to go faster and win, while I'm just enjoyng the race and encouraging my huskies! Oh but love this sport. =)

  12. Thats great! Love the dogs faces as they go round. Nothing better than a running dogs face! 🙂

  13. That is a great video I like it

  14. Paws up for 5 dogs class is 20 paws raised. I have to get my neighbor's dogs for help

  15. Any dogs can sled race! Not on Huskies 🙂


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