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If you have an elderly, arthritic pet like mine, but are not able to cough up the $75 or much more for a hydrotherapy session, this is a great alternative (only in the summertime, unfortunately)


  1. This is great! What pool is this?

  2. @DIYDogHydrotherapy
    thank you! your videos are great but I hope to get the time to go through your blog too – lots of great information! Moxie seems to be doing great progress thanks to you. It also looks like you live in a warmer climate, lucky you! The temperature in the North-East is in the 30s these days, not exactly hydrotherapy weather 🙁

  3. @shonnamcnasby
    I'll try this (remove the spaces when you paste to your browser) / 0SAAHWUWyHE

  4. @shonnamcnasby
    I've been trying to copy the link to another Youtube video but I'm getting an error message. Try searching for Dog Hydrotherapy from myfosterdogs. It's another excellent DIY version.

    Good luck – let me know how it goes!

  5. @shonnamcnasby
    thank you! My pooch is over 15 years old now, so no more hydro sessions for him, only lots of hugs and pampering from now on…

  6. We had the same thought, and purchased this pool too! We just found your video as we were setting up. We will be using a life jacket to keep our guy afloat, and we ordered Neo Paws to keep his toenails from puncturing the sides. Also, ours is in the garage… could turn out to be a bad idea but we'll see. Good luck with your pooch! I'd love to see updates.


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