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Canine teaching How to instruct commands Sit, Down and Stand

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Commands ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stand’ are checked in complex in basic teaching system. An owner provides commands at the distance the puppy has to keep at just one position without coming up to the owner. The puppy in the online video now knows the commands. In order for the puppy not to go in advance mastering the ‘sit-down-stand’ blend, it has to know how to carry out the commands. The pet should really get made use of to operate without moving in advance. Appropriate system is laid while training the puppy these 3 commands.

In addition to the system, it is important to coach the puppy in conditions in which it can not go in advance. You should really operate in diverse conditions. In all circumstances the puppy has to enrich its encounter, without moving in advance.

В фильме показан этап тренировки собаки, когда она уже знает эти команды. Для того чтобы собака не продвигалась на комплексе команд “сидеть-лежать-стоять”, собака должна владеть правильной техникой выполнения этих команд. Русская версия:

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  1. thats great but ur dog has already been taught the stand so ur video shows nothing but wat ur trained dog is doing. totally useless!

  2. This is how I taught my dog how to sit. I would first lightly push down on the dogs backside. If he did not do this action immediately I would spank him in his back side 3 times. I taught my dog to stand by first putting a choke chain on him and then if he did not stand immediately I would kick him in his foot and then ribs so he would stand. After that since he did not obey immediately I would pull him tight with his choke chain and spank him 3 times in the face and 5 in the backside. I never use treats if the puppy is good I say good dog if the dog is at all bad like even whimpering when the dog sees a squirrel is unacceptable and will be reprimanded with a spanking immediately. This is in no way harsh in my opinion because all animals need to respect and obey their owners perfectly. If this does not happen they should be reprimanded with a tight pull on a choke chain or a spanking.

  3. thank you so much! 🙂 it helped me a lot.


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