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New In this article? I vlog my Foster Canine encounter in Austin, Texas to mainstream fostering! Currently we talked about separation panic.
IN THIS Video clip: I talk about my present-day foster dog’s wrestle with separation panic, and how a great deal she has enhanced using a couple of ideas and methods I have discovered above the several years! This video clip reveals some mind video games to stimulate the dog’s head and support with panic. Do not neglect to subscribe and like this video clip to support improve this channel and assistance rescue pet dogs! The a lot more persons see this, the a lot more persons we can motivate to foster and support conserve all the damn pet dogs ) Many thanks for observing!

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  1. ohhh wow bently and izra are so cute

  2. Hey I m Ruby ,glad to know u r from Austin TX. My 14 months old dog is suffering from separation anxiety. Is there a way u can help me or train my dog. I m from round Rock TX

  3. My puppy loses her mind when we leave for the day! We do have to crate her because she is a very curious pup and gets into anything and everything she can get her paws on, it can be destructive. We have tried rewarding her for entering the crate, talking to her beforehand and allowing her to revise it on her own without being put in by us..nothing is working! It has come to the point of her trying to escape the crate my any means, she has even injured herself while attempting to do so. We have wanted to leave her in a room to be give her more space but I'm honestly too afraid of her damaging everything! I don't know what to do!

  4. Hi Rachel, my dog was from a shelter and she suffered from severe separation anxiety. The rescuer suggested crate training but that did not help her situation at all. She would fling her crate from room to room and this is a 12-pound terrier mix. She did not have a story as they said she was a stray dog. I sectioned off the kitchen dinette for her instead of crating her but that did not work too well either (she's a "leaper" we realized that whenever she escapes from her area, we would find her by the window). I ended up giving her access to the entire floor to accommodate her needs and worked on some training to desensitize my departure cues. I would do a combination of actions, which included picking up keys and placing it back down, putting on shoes and coat, or walking around with the keys thinking I'm going out but I don't. With time, I was able to make it down the hallway and hide behind my door, from there I would gauge on how long she would hold and return before she fails. I started with 1 minute and eventually worked her way to a couple of hours. She's currently better adjusted to me departing but I always give her a nice treat before I leave to associate good things with me leaving. Thank you so much for your video, it is extremely helpful and especially for those mommies who has a dog of separation anxiety, I bet they've searched the internet from each end hoping to find a solution. Keep up the great work!

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  8. I always play games with my puppies from infancy—hide the toy, puppy taco, chase the monster under the blanket(my hands or feet), get your toy out from under the laundry basket—I am going to give the food storage container thing a whirl.  I also wrestle and play tug with my dogs which, if you teach them to release on command, probably reduces resource guarding.  I love high energy, hunting dogs–other people call them hyper–I find them entertaining.  Ezra is gorgeous and exactly my kind of dog unfortunately I live across the country.

  9. Hi thank you for this i am about to take a beagle on a two week trial. I have been told she has separation anxiety so i want to have some of these games prepared for when he arrives next weekend! I have been told to set her up in an indoor play pen when i am out of the house. What do you think about this? I am going to start this when i am inside the house so that i can monitor her anxiety and reward her for when she is quiet, etc..

  10. I LOVE THIS! Our dog Kouper definitely has an active mind and is an active dog! I think he even might have separation anxiety to some extent. These little games will be perfect for him! 🙂

  11. Love the bowl idea for hiding treats. I use the water bottle with treats often but I can't wait to try the bowls. I have been lucky not to have had a dog with separation anxiety yet but I know I will have to deal with it someday. Great ideas.

  12. 🐮🗯I love your videos Rachel! I did the toilet paper trick…MooMoo gave up quickly…she always does😖. The pups went crazy with it…they were like MORE kibble Mom…lol. Such a fun idea! Thanks🐾

  13. See you at this???
    Best Friends Strut Your Mutt
    September 17, 2016
    8 am – 12 pm
    Walter E. Long Park, Austin

  14. Dang I never thought of those things. Good stuff

  15. My guys love all those brain games too! Those IKEA bowl are awesome. I must have five sets of them! We use them in so many ways!

  16. dis me


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