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Boxer Obedience… 3 1/2 month old Robin

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What should we teach Robin to do next, any thoughts?

We started on a few of the basics and she caught on quickly so we decided to see how fast she would pick up more. Just this morning we taught her ‘Find It’, ‘Go to the Couch’, and ‘Take It’. Still working on ‘take it’ where she will hold the item not just mouth it.

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  1. The dog also looks like my dog

  2. A come si fa ad imparare tutto questo?il mio ha 70 giorni ma sembra di essere duro!😓

  3. how just how. I have a 12 week old I just got a week ago. this is amazing

  4. How big did she get ??? I was a little worried about how small my boxer is but I see that yours is the exact same size as mine and also look exactly the same !

  5. Wow can't believe it my 3 month old boxer looks IDENTICAL

  6. what treats did you give her? and how many attempts did it  take you to achieve??

  7. am getting a female boxer puppy for my daughter its a first dog. we hv no experience with dogs. how did u train ur puppy? wht treats did u give her inreturn for her obedience training? u got a great puppy. thanks for the video

  8. what did you give them as treats?

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    professionally.Here is the website ===> Boxer Obedience… 3 1/2 month old Robin

  10. Aww my girl is this age now. And looks almost identical. But she is WILD!! I can't wait to take her to obedience class

  11. great video!! I'm getting a boxer puppy in a couple weeks I'm hoping to train mine like you great job that's a great pup you got!

  12. I wish I saw this when you posted so I could tell you to teach Robin how to get you a beer from the fridge. I'm getting a boxer pup this spring. Cant wait!!! Shes beautiful

  13. i have i 2 month boxer and i don't know how to train him. any advice?. its really similar to your dog but mine is male.

  14. Outstanding dogs!
    Just lost my female pure breed boxer at 11 years old.
    Watching this reminds me of her.
    You give 10% of your time love and affection to your boxer, in return they give you back 110%.
    Thank you for posting this.

  15. So cool wish my all white 4 moth old Would do the same any tips hes male

  16. She's so cute!! Great training

  17. Robin is looking great! Your doing great with your training. Would be cool to see her working on heeling next. Specifically, having her jump closer to you as you step aside.
    I have Loki, Robin's brother and he has to be the smartest boxer I've had. We've been working on his outdoor off leash training and he is doing great. You've motivated me now by watching what you've done with Robin to work on his basics.
    Again, great job!


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