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Border Collie Dog two weeks to 5 months in three minutes (Canon 70D and Tamron 24-70)

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Exhibits Abbey the Border Collie from two weeks to 5 months in three minutes.

Abbey (Wonderful of you to arrive bye – Mark the line) is a chocolate and tan Border Collie from a doing the job line. She is trained employing only optimistic reinforcement and a clicker.

Most clips are shot employing a Canon 70D with a Tamron 24-70 f2.eight lens, and a extensive angle Canon EFS 10-eighteen lens. For slider photographs we made use of the Konova Slider.

New music is not owned by me: Redwood by Waterstrider


  1. Smart puppy!

  2. Wonderful video and gorgeous dog. I’m getting my first border in about a month – have always loved borders. Can’t wait to get her and start working with her. Excited and nervous all at the same time.

  3. you trained your dog so well. Im amazed. I hope I can traine mine as well.

  4. 😍😍

  5. How do you manage to teach it to do complex tricks? Do you force his body and reward him after that and later after repetition, or do you wait until he figures out the command on it's own?

  6. So adorable!!! Hope to see more!

  7. I'm getting a choc tri!

  8. U make mistake:
    Border collie
    from 2 weeks
    to 5 months
    in 3 minutes 28 SECONDS

  9. hi i am watching your video and border collie seems twin my border collie mine now 6 months I hope every day to see another video of your border to see how it has grown to compare it with mine to see if they are still so similar

  10. Reply
  11. Great video- she's so cute! We also have a border collie called Abby! She recently had puppies and it is so cool to see them grow up! Looking forward to more 😀

  12. Just subscribe yesterday and I am really happy you're posting more videos,great content 🙂


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