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Nick has Sort 1 diabetes and his service puppy, Qupid, alerts him when it is really time to check out his insulin ranges. Trained canines like Qupid guide sufferers with diabetes by signaling to them when their blood sugar ranges transform, prolonged right before a meter would catch the change.

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  1. How did you train them

  2. i am 13 and i was diagnosed with type 1 10 months ago and i'm on a pump but blood sugars still randomly drop and i'm looking into a service dog

  3. This is awesome.  I am also a Type 1 diabetic, for 25years now….I am on a pump and I have 2 young kids. My blood sugars are always all over the place, and it gets scary when you get a low blood sugar and your kids are needing you.  I would love to find more information on Diabetic Service Dogs for Phoenix, AZ area. Thank you


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