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Professional: Jim Leske
Bio: My identify is Jim Leske, Animal Behaviorist & Trainer.
Filmmaker: Louis Nathan


  1. I need some advice I've been working with training my Pitt since she been a puppy and she now 4 years old she in service dog classes now and in training she been doing great till she was recently spayed 4 weeks ago she completely healed from the spay she had her check up yesterday everything fine vet said but she recently become aggressive towards other dogs that's definitely not her she grew up socialized with other dogs when she was a puppy on up till now and she become lazy she was in walmart and she become to a point to wear she planted her feet down and she wouldn't walk or move she was being very disobedient I tried to coex her that didn't work I then pulled up on her montigale collar and said Simone come let's go that didn't work so I finally grabbed her collar and made her walk that didn't work so I had to grab her small looped leash and I padded her in her bottom because she didn't seem scared I had her sit I talk to her till she seemed like she seemed focused on me finally then she finally started to walk then on they way out of walmart she started to walk slow again she seemed like she did not want to walk at all so I got her out side I walked her up and down out side she kept wanting to lay down i would not let her I would have her keep walking at a steady pace heel and when I stopped I had her sit I did this in front of walmart for two hours then walked out to work on pee on command she refused then tried again to walk back inside of walmart the second time was better but as soon as she felt as she was getting tired she did it again and I took her out and did it again so my thoughts is she lazy and I'm going to seek professional training for the agreshion on other dogs before it gets worse because she was never like this till she was spayed 4 weeks ago and she needs more training on heeling and more time in the public before she takes her canine good citizens test so if any one has good suggestions please hit me I would love to have them oh and Simone being trained to well she already alerted my sezures and I have cancer and she helps me when I'm unsteady on my feet but lately it's been tuff she been uneasy on the leash so I hope she gets better soon she had one accident in Ikea I've been working with her on using the potty on command but she ruffuses she will do it at home but in March were planing on going to Walt Disney world and I'm praying to God she will be ok enough to travel on a plane and all but I know I'm going to have to seek professional training advice to boost her chances in her service dog classes other wise I know she won't go any wear at this point so please any one advice please asap !!!!?????

  2. "This guy sure is a magician, his training works like magic on dogs. I'm still amazed at the tremendous transformation of our wildly behaved dog [Details Here === ]. At one point this dog has been labelled to be highly dangerous. But today the dog has been brought under total control. Thank you Doggy Dan for your good works. I highly recommend."

  3. It's completely embarrassing if your dog keeps jumping up on people.

  4. Hi people, My dog minnie couldn't do any trick and she would wee in the corner., helped us LOADS in training her with their step by step videos.. such an invaluable site to me now.

  5. not trying to be mean but every video on expertvillage has something wrong in it.

  6. Correction..You are supoosed to say "leave it" then give the dog a chance to modfy his behavior and learn the proper association to the warning/command.

  7. Your supopose to leave it …give the dog a chance to make the proper response …then give a correction..

    timing is important…

    and FAIR

    All the dog learns in the association is that you say leave it for some reason and jerk the dogs neck.

    He never learns to make a correction and turn away on his own.

  8. That's an inaccurate critique, triumphantbutterfly. The handler is obviously conditioning this dog for response by using a treat reward; NOT BAITING the animal to perform. Apparently what you fail to grasp is that after a while, the dog responds to voice commands only AFTER having been "conditioned" using treats. This is common & customary practice ALL creditable trainers apply. Happy trails

  9. Heheheheehehehee. *falls off chair laughing so hard* 1:17 "You will notice he is responding to my voice…" Not the treat your baiting him with in your other hand !?!?


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