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Again to Our Roots! Shoal Creek-Cherokee County, NC~

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As we explore our family members roots, I am learning two branches from Shoal Creek-Cherokee County, North Carolina. 1 Good & a person Good-Good Grandmother that I grew up figuring out. I am continuing to explore our record there together with The Trail of Tears and a grandfather that served as a Union soldier. It is these types of an remarkable adventure. Check out just how stunning
our Appalachia genuinely is! Much more to appear, too!
Get pleasure from & many thanks for seeing! xo
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  1. I knew you were from good roots!!!!

  2. Love the old farm houses and things. Ours isn't an old farmhouse but I sure wish it was.

  3. just beautiful thank you

  4. Nice ! What do you think about Cade's cove? Went there recently , bought a good book, lots of nice people , hard workers…

  5. Very pretty

  6. Hey Patara, I just came across your channel and have already subscribed. We are considering homesteading in the upstate of SC, but we used to live within walking distance of Rapers store. It was nice to see all those sights again.

  7. Looks a lot like NH!

  8. I love flea markets too. I grew up going to them in Germany when my father was stationed there

  9. Truly Beautiful! North Carolina is my home sweet home!

  10. Beautiful video

  11. I know you are SO busy and you may never have time to respond to this, but I absolutely LOVE the music playing in this video (and it is in several others you have). What is the name of that tune, please?

  12. Hope you enjoyed your NC visit. We live in Surry. County. The county Mount Airy and Pilot Mountain are in. Hope you can visit are part of the state sometime. God bless

  13. i love that country store would love to shop there

  14. I so enjoyed our trip to TN last month for the conference going through the last part of KY and going into TN was just breathtaking 🙂

  15. I really Like North Carolina, I lived there around Rutherfordton area. We went up around Lake Lure, Chimney Rock area and just find a place to get on the Blue Ridge and just ride and take in the beauty of God's creation. Would like to move back one day. Seems like just driving some of the old country roads were some of the best views and the thoughts of wow, this was someone's homestead at one time. You can almost sit and see them working around there. Thank you for posting this.

  16. Beautiful

  17. Beautiful

  18. So now I need a mountain fix. I love the people and scenery.

  19. Thanks for sharing. I grew up in Waynesboro, Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley.

  20. Thanks Patara, 23 months to go until my retirement and then it's "get the heck out of the Northeast and down to Coastal North Carolina for this boy!!! Chomping at the bit.

  21. Patara, thank you for this video. It eases my heart and makes me excited at the same time to see videos of NC. My family and I are trying to sell our house in Indiana to move down to NC. We are so excited and eager to start a new chapter in our life and beginning to homestead thanks to wonderful people like you. We are having some trouble finding a house with some land down around Cherokee but we know that something will come available when the time is right. There is a plan for us. That little white farmhouse you showed wouldn't happen to be for sale would it, lol. I love the view of it. Well thanks again and hope you're taking care of yourself so that you get mended better than new. Have a wonderful day

  22. That was absolutely wonderful.

  23. Beautiful country side

  24. nice relaxing video!

  25. Your neck of the woods is so pretty! You are so lucky to live there! (:

  26. when I watch you videos I always feel like I'm just sitting with a good friend and I know why I knew almost every spot today..I live in beautiful Blue Ridge Ga. I have traveled those roads all my life. Blue Ridge is on the Tenn. and North Carolina lines. I love watching you feels like I have known you forever,you are just an awesome down to earth southern woman! May God continue to bless you and your family.

  27. Wonderful ride through the beautiful scenery!  Thank you for taking me along.  So relaxing and I saved on gas too!

  28. Graveyard. Those poor folks lost 3 baby sons, just heartbreaking.


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