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A Video clip I Designed For My University About Service Dogs (study description)

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Hi there! I am a middle faculty scholar at Columbia University, and I made this video clip for the Service Animal Staff members Coaching that will be likely on in a pair of 7 days. College students are not permitted at this distinct workers teaching, but i was invited and granted special accessibility by the DSPS system employees. I’m likely so that I can reveal how reputable assistance animals should really behave on our distinct campus. For case in point, t our school, there are numerous ducks, geese, squirrels, deer, and many others. that roam all-around. It is important that our experienced assistance animals do not disturb the wildlife. The reason they are carrying out a workers teaching is simply because of the unbelievable number of aggressive/untrained animals currently being handed off as assistance animals on our campus each working day. Dogs have urinated and defecated in the classroom, attacked wildlife, tried out to attack scholar and workers, and there has even been a complete on canine struggle in our math lab. It is fully outrageous. My assistance canine, Sunshine, has been just about attacked 4 occasions in this semester by itself. I’ve been pushing for some kind of panel or workers teaching, and it is really eventually occurring! So this is a shorter video clip i well prepared on how authentic experienced assistance animals should really behave on our campus. Appreciate!

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  1. Sunny is so good and amazing at her commands Leo love you're video's

  2. Omg I'm literally going to see my counselor at Columbia College tommorow this was crazy to see a place I know online

  3. This is amazing Leo! You keep being an advocate and spreading awareness! Just yesterday I had to teach the manager of my favourite sushi place about service animals because they asked me for my dogs papers and said only guide dogs are allowed inside.


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