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We are eternally researching, striving new things, with some currently being successes and other not so successful, but studying alongside the way! Our mission for Dacen is to recover him from Autism!

After performing a great deal of study, mixed with our unique expertise of our son, possessing a support dog would convey a greater excellent of lifetime for him.

We are striving to elevate a whole of $eleven,000 in order to acquire an autism dog for Dacen.

The certain cost breakdown for Dacen’s Provider Puppy is as follows:

The dog is handpicked by our coach who will be on the lookout to match our son’s needs with the dog’s temperament costing $two,000.00.

The cost of the four month support dog schooling is $7,000.00.

The support dog will be educated especially for Dacen and the cost of travel costs (the coach is nine+ hrs absent just one way) and hotel lodging (we will need to have to keep for four-6 day schooling in advance of bringing the dog dwelling) around the coach totaling $two,000.00.

We would really like to have Dacen’s support dog by the conclude of the year 2014 there is no donation too small. We are grateful to any and all monetary assist in achieving our objective and bringing Dacen’s dog dwelling. Thank you in advance for you consideration, your feelings, your time and your donation. If you find it in your hearts to donate make sure you go to:

Peace and Enjoy be with you and yours,
Steven and Vanessa LeBlanc


  1. Thank you Cheryl aka Mom aka Nana! we greatly appreciate your support and help!

  2. I am the proud parent of Vanessa LeBlanc and VERY proud grandparent of Dacen. This is an awesome video that shares who Dacen is. Who his parents are. The love they have for each other and their awesome son Dacen. This couple is fully committed to each other and the caring and raising of Dacen. Giving him all opportunities to help him grow emotionally, physically, spiritually. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. They give thanks daily to God for giving them Dacen. Greatest gift is LOVE


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