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2nd Step for Educating Arrive When Called – Add The Cue

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In this movie I demonstrate you guys how I like to incorporate the cue for Arrive When Called. It can be the most straightforward way I know. I also definitely like this process due to the fact it allows you say the cue “Bentley, Arrive!” specifically like you would in the remaining habits.

A whole lot of people will not like making use of beneficial reinforcement approaches due to the fact they feel silly hooting and hollering (…like I do in this movie).

It is correct that to get this habits we are performing rather goofy, managing absent from our canine and making use of superior-pitched voices.

But that is just for the training section! We train the canine to answer to the standard-sounding cue, “Bentley, Arrive!” Even so it is crucial to get the habits you want just before adding the cue, and to do that we will not brain performing silly for a small although. )

Thank you for viewing, and I hope this movie aids you with training your individual canine!



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