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How to Train Your Dog or Pet dog to End Chewing! – End Pet dog Chewing Problems – How To End Your Dog Or Pet dog From Chewing

If you appreciated this pet dog training video you will definitely appreciate the other films on how to coach your pet dog or puppy. Doggy Dan is a Master Pet dog Trainer that presents you good pet dog training guidelines on How To End Your Dog Or Pet dog From Chewing and Much A lot more.

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  3. my dog won't budge when grabbing her collar

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  5. My father grew up with dogs,all dogs wanted him , as a master,he didn't wispered at them , he punshed them if they did wrong,..once a dog we had bit my sisters hand. My dad grab him on the muzzle,and said to my sister to touch his head, everytime when my sister tries to touch him he growls,that same moment my father hits him on the head, happend 3-4 times till my dog realised that the hate against my sister means pain. It never bit her again. Here is the website

  6. you stop the dog from chewing on a wood table by giving her a wooden stick? Dah

  7. very good

  8. i just give Cody a stuffed bunney.

  9. allowing a dog to chew wood is wrong! wood splinters!

  10. This video is awsome


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