German Shepherd pet crate teaching

Having my 3 month previous German Shepherd Pet (GSD) Pet made use of to his new crate. I have involved the critical term “Den” for him to associate with his new home. These are the initial steps in the direction of acquiring him released to the new den and to[…]

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Dog Agility: Channel Weaves – Closing the Weave Poles

Pam’s Dog Academy Website: What you will find on this channel… Dog training tips, clicker training, “How To” train dog trick tutorials as well as “How To” videos on helping dogs with behavior problems. I am very good at responding to questions and would love to help you train your[…]

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Introducing Pet dogs to Cats

This quick online video describes how we introduce a pet into a property with cats. Not just about every pet can find out to tolerate cats in their property, but a lot of can if the introduction is taken gradually and closely managed. This online video is part of our[…]

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