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Leading GUNDOGS (Labradors) in area action

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Leading Gun Doggy Labradors in action on an Estate in Northern Ireland


  1. Great video and brilliant editorial. Enjoyed watching the dog springing to fetch a live bird.

  2. Great video

  3. Great video. I have a 17 mo. old English lab that is terrific. We are invited to pick up at a US version of a driven shoot. The birds are released from a central tower,with gunners and pick up handlers rotating so everybody gets good sport. It probably sounds a bit lame but the cost is within reach of regular folks. My dog typically will retrieve 30to40 birds at a 500 bird shoot with 28 guns in 14 blinds .Normally 8to 10 dogs are used. Abby has FTC bloodlines on both sides,British labs rule.

  4. nice to see a keen young dog also one that looks for a gap in the fence to come back through rather than jump a barbed wire fence. i would like to see him again in 6 months. thanks. charlie.

  5. nice vid, you cant beat a good dog with you,, john


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