How To Train a Dog

A Day in the Daily life of a Phoenix Children’s Clinic Remedy Puppy

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The PetSmart Charities Paws Can Mend Animal-Assisted Remedy Method at Phoenix Children’s Clinic allows patients interact with puppies to support support them in their journey to therapeutic and restoration. Many thanks to Barney and his owner Nicole, we bought a guiding-the-scenes glimpse at what goes into getting a Pet Remedy pet.


  1. love the video but it shouldn't say therapy dog because a therapy dog wich I am looking to get is a dog that is prescribed for you for things like ocd phobias ect. , it should say e.s.a or these animals are the ones like Barney who go to nursing homes and hospitals to help people like those children anyways good video 👍

  2. This vid deserves more likes and views

  3. Drool. Nice Dog.

  4. I love how much the 1st little boy loved barney


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