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Pitbull education at 8 one/2 months old

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Seraya, a Blue- Nose pir,starting portion of education. This was all completed at residence with no profesional assistance. Just a lot of tolerance from my appreciate Claudia, her daughter Bianca and myself.


  1. How!! Where did you start I have a 8 week old blue nose girl

  2. what kind of treats do u give him, i have an 8 week old blue nose but i didnt know if he can eat hard food yet

  3. love it my red nose is 9 weeks tomorrow i am currently trying to get him to stop crying in his cage, and i will start what ur doing in the video tomorrow i didn't realize he could do that at this age….i hired bark busters they say to bah at them to correct them I'm not really liking that, i mean does it work kind my throat hurts, and its mainly only needed to get him to stop chewing the couch which i can give him a bone and he stops or a bah to stop play biting hard…any suggestions to stop that? no does not help the bahh seems to help a bit more but again its annoying to ruff at a pup…..or whats a good way to stop barking especially in his crate, when i need him to stay in there as i have things to do!! thx u hope u see this:)

  4. My Pitt is to stupid to listen and he's 8mouths I mean he sit but when you do something he wants to attack to play rough . I'm afraid of what he might do to me and my family . I already want him put down ..

  5. Check out her other videos!!!

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