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Intense Pit Bull and Expecting operator – Dog Teaching – DCTK9

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In This Dog Teaching Video clip we demonstrate a teaser of Blake’s upcoming scenario. This scenario specials with a 7 months expecting girl and her aggressive feminine pit bull combine. She hires Blake to aid her with mittens to prevent the canine from attacking her little one, or owning to give the canine away and/or euthanized. Subscribe to be sure to be among the the to start with to look at the success in the impending video clip(s)


  1. welcome back troll! was wondering where youve been..prob so busy commenting negatively on all the other good dog vids out there, that you stopped spending so much time on mine….in any case…thanks for the views and welcome back you….your views and jibber jabber is always welcome bc the rest of us enjoy the laughs
    -Blake Rodriguez

  2. what utter bullshit.

  3. love it!

  4. Awesome! cant wait to see you put out more vids like this! You need your own show!!

  5. great trailer would be great for a step by step series on this one


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