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How to Train Your Doggy to Sit (Petco)

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Practice your dog with Petco!

Enjoy this educational online video by Petco Animal Behavior and Instruction Manager, Lisa Knowles, for a handful of basic measures on teaching your dog to sit when you ask!

Things to keep in mind:
– Use the command, “Sit”
– Put a compact deal with on your dog’s nose
– Entice your dog’s nose and head, up and back again
– When your dog sits, reward with “certainly!” and then deal with

Some thing amazing happens when pets and men and women join. A distinctive bond is formed that effects in something strong, not only amongst pets and men and women, but in a way that will make the entire world a greater location. Our assure is to nurture that marriage entirely – intellect and physique.

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  1. I did this with my dog she understands it when I have the treat and move it back but she doesn't sit when I say "sit" help!

  2. confused

  3. Helpful


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