Puppy Training

Pup instruction strategies: Socializing your puppy to toy pet dogs

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This is a brief clip on puppy strategies. I will be releasing brief films with strategies on instruction puppies as nicely as adult pet dogs.

You can employ the settle in many scenarios, using it with modest pet dogs is a fantastic way for significant and modest pet dogs to interact without the need of getting harm, and possibly puppy emotion intimidated.


  1. Somebody please help me. My 2.5months old maltipoo keeps biting my toes,feets.shirt,pants and fingers. I tried redirecting him to his chewies but he still keeps biting. I tried the ouch method but it only makes him more ecxcited so i am not doing that anymore. Also, i tried to igore him by standing still but it is no use.

  2. @wackyweed57 yes 🙂

  3. Cool that your doing puppy tips! I no have a 7 month old puppy. I could still use some tips (She's doing great, but every little bit of extra tips and information alway's helps!)

  4. Great idea that a lot of people can use!

  5. Great tips, and I'm always up for a few Splash-as-a-puppy clips!!!

  6. Oh my god is that puppy splash?

  7. I would love more puppy training videos!!!!!! I can't wait!

  8. Great tip! Thanks for posting!

  9. Awesome! Love the tips!


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