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How To Prepare: Block (ft. Ruby)

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This is just a modest demo of how to educate a company canine to ‘block’. You may perhaps have to lure your canine a minor additional as Ruby currently is aware of how to ‘block’ and did not want to be lured. If you like this online video like it up so I do additional “How To Prepare” movies, and comment what other tasks you’d like me to demonstrate you how to educate! Great luck in your journey of coaching your canine!

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  1. Not to be a bother, but plotz is down and sitz/sitzen is sit. Just FYI.

  2. Is awesome you trained them in German

  3. I'd love to see a cover or "watch my six" demo

  4. I really like your dog!

  5. Can you show us how you got her to Place?

  6. Can you please make a How To Train: Place video? I would LOVE Nami to learn this command!


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