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Dog schooling, Heel employing Heel adhere and E-Collar Technologies Mini Educator

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The puppy will feel the heel adhere is offering stimulation ..Never use a puppy walker they all stink
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  1. I have a 8 month old bloodhound he seems very good on leach and stayiing near me almost like a heel but I just dont know how to introduce the heel with the ecollar i'm using a garmin xc sport it seems to work very well. i actually live in coxsackie ny anywho maybe you can point me in the right direction to how introduce the heel, i cant seem to find any videos that are helpful

  2. i have a gsp puppy about 9 weeks old. He shows real smarts, and has already learned a few behaviours. What's a good age to start teaching heel? He isn't too bad on a leash. He likes to pull and sniff, but i just stop walking until he slackens the leash by backing up or sitting, and then we go again. Often means i have to stop and wait every two steps, especially when we're approaching home. On the other hand, he doesn't paw and jump at the door, but instead he sits and waits patiently. Anyway, i want him to heel but i don't want him to boot camp him too young if you know what i mean. Thanks

  3. He's coming a long very well, pity the dog walker sent him backwards. Been meaning to ask, what happened to the porn music ending


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