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Step 4 – Pet Teaching – Collar Problem to “Sit”

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In this video Chad Hines with Willow Creek Kennels exhibits you how to create on Methods one-three (focus on & sit instruction) by introducing delicate destructive reinforcement (a vibration collar, DT Systems Micro-iDT collar). This is a terrific way to start out collar conditioning your dog.

This is Step 4 in a sequence of dog instruction fundamentals. Even though we set these films in a sequence, you can absolutely train your doggy out of sequence. And it is hardly ever way too late to educate an outdated doggy new methods!

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  1. Would you recommend exercise before or after training? Does it help settle young pups down or does being tired cause them to lose focus quicker? Thanks!

  2. Is it necessary to do both collar and clicker training or is one or the other just fine? My fiance and I are looking to get a German Shepherd puppy in the not so distant future and want to do the best we can to properly train him as a loyal pet. He will not be a hunting/working dog.

  3. This is interesting I just got a new GSP pup about 3 days ago and I dont know alot about training a new puppies but im willing to do my part im researching the sire of my new pupp and he is a willow creek kennel dog. Premier’s Outstanding Otis

  4. Love the videos.simple and straightforward.  Is there a reason you don't use a treat pouch on your hip?  It seems like it would be more efficient than walking back to the bowl every time.  Just wondering if there was a strategy to this or maybe just personal preference.Thanks

  5. We start the vibrate when we give them the cue or command most of the time. Each dog is a little different and we need to read them and find something that works for them. I try not to think of it as a refusal, usually the dog is confused and needs help. We help them succeed with food rewards, check cord, training in area's with little distraction, ect. Sometimes we just tap the vibrate, then have them sit, click and treat. The tap is less aversive than holding vibrate down.
    Good luck,

  6. I know you explained it slightly in the video but what's the vibration collar for, exactly? Is it basically replacement for a clicker? (I'm against the use of shock collar, but this isn't one, I know) Just curious! I've never seen the use of a vibration collar for positive training. Thanks for your time!
    (Oh, and I really enjoyed your crate training video)

  7. Any treat the dog likes to eat will be just fine. We like them large enough to be able to throw and the dog can find them, and small enough that they can eat them quick and keep training. I like to use a variety of treats, some higher value rewards (sausage) and lower value rewards (dog kibble).

  8. what kind of treats do you use?


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