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Move five – Dog Instruction – Crate Instruction Employing Optimistic Reinforcement

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In this online video Chad Hines with Willow Creek Kennels shows you how to establish on Actions one-4 (target & sit schooling). This online video focuses on crate or “kennel” schooling employing beneficial reinforcement (food items reward), together with a secondary reinforcer (a schooling clicker).

This is Move five in a collection of puppy schooling fundamental principles. While we set these videos in a sequence, you can absolutely prepare your pet dog out of sequence. And it is never too late to educate an previous pet dog new methods!

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  1. Hi Chad, i'm picking up my first GSP pup on December 2nd… im wondering how many things we can work on in one day? say "here", "sit" and "kennel" at the same time? What do you suggest for crate training etc from day one picking her up? do you just let her be in a kennel with a play pen around it and puppy pads until she understands kennels and potty? Thanks very much!

  2. When and how should you introduce your puppy to birds?

  3. what kind of treats do you use? like normal dog food as treats or like soft dog treats?

  4. My GSP is 8 weeks and she keeps peeing in the kennel. I take her out as soon as she wakes up from nap; right after feeding/watering and I listen for her during the night to take her out. I took her out twice last night and at 7 this morning I didn't hear her whine;; she's right beside me, but I heard her playing with chew bone so I got her out to go pee; already did; in the kennel.  Also, do you suggest that puppies stay in kennel most of them time while housebreaking except for  walks outside and training time? Thank you, Michelle

  5. Hey guys, I pick up my 9 week old gap in a couple days. I have a couple of questions for you about this training session. Is there a specific kind of crate i should use for the pup. I have bought one that is just a wire cage that can be made bigger with age. Also do you recommend a specific type of clicker for training

  6. I pick up my female Vizsla in a couple of weeks.  She will be 8 weeks when I pick her up.  Is this something I should start doing day 1?  What about location of the crate at night time?  Should I keep the crate next to my bed or in another room the 1st night, 2nd night etc.. I have heard people go both ways.  Thank you for videos and the advice!

  7. Sometimes a large crate will work for a puppy just fine. Depends on the puppy and routine mostly. If you have problems with accidents in the large crate…you can always switch to a smaller crate. Some crates come with dividers as well. Good luck!

  8. are there any negatives to buying a bigger kennel for a puppy to grow into?

  9. @IIxJETTxII It depends on the dog. You want them to be able to stand up and turn around without hitting their head. This specific crate for this specific dog will not be large enough as he grows.


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